Thank You's

Thank you to all of you who have supported us through these interesting first 6 months. Big shout out to Kelly for putting up with my B.S regarding the site. Lord knows it was frustrating….so if you don’t like the site  bug me not her! Anyway big hug to Kelly and we will see her back soon.

Thursday June 19 08

21-15- and 9 rep rounds of:

95 pound Deadlift
95 pound Hang power clean
95 pound Front squat
95 pound Push jerk

Congratulations to Dylon. 1st Muscle up in the books. We will film it, post it on our site  and submit it to CrossFit headquarters for the trophy case. Way to go! I’m sorry I wasn’t there to see it. You can show me on Friday.

Great efforts everyone!

Monday June 16 08

2 rounds of

Front Squat 10 10 10 10 10

OHS 10 10 10 10 10

Back Squat 10 10 10 10 10

40 # Goblet Squat  10 10 10 10 10

This is a technical WOD. If you miss any of the lifts, or your technique fails reduce the weight until you can complete the set. After completing the set you may increase weight again. Start with a bar or stick.

Friday June 13 08

HHmmm something ominous about Friday the 13th. It will be a team concept workout.

Ok, here we go

2 teams of 5:

Bill                               Mac

Fraser                         Jamie

Austin                         Dylon

Zack                            Silus

Steven                        Erika

Each team can have two members working at once. The next challenge may begin as soon as someone finishes. Each team will complete 20 0f 22 challenges with each member being responsible for 4. Each team will be allowed two substitutions ( if a person gases another team member may jump in and finish the challenge)

The challenges are:

D/U’s x 100                                                                  75 # thrusters x 35

Pull Ups x 100                                                             75 # Push press/jerk x 35

Push ups x 100                                                            75 x OHS

135# clean and jerk x 30                                           Back squat 95# x 25

95# Power snatch x 30                                             40# K/B swings x 50

5 x 50 M sprint with heavy bag ( 65#)                   1000 M Row

Wall ball x 75 20/14                                                 3 M/U’s

GHD Sit ups x 50                                                      Ring Dips x 30

GHD Back extensions x 50                                      Box jumps x 100

Lunges x 200 M                                                        75 Burpies

100 Squats                                                                  3 Rope climbs

2008 Fight Gone Bad

Hey everyone!

Not sure if you guys have heard of the Fight Gone Bad Fund raiser that Athletes for a Cure ran last year.. but they are doing it again this year and I think we should do it!

Visit Here for information on the event or to register… If you want to register.. choose ‘join a team’ and select Rebel Fitness Guelph. Its being held on Saturday September 29th so it shouldn’t be a conflict with our “Bragging Rights” fund raiser.

A little bit of info: Athletes for a Cure 2008 Fight Gone Bad. One day, One Workout One Purpose.

To compete in the workout, all participants must complete each of the following:

  1. Register with their local CrossFit Affiliate Center by Wednesday, September 24, 2008
  2. Register with Athletes for a Cure at by Wednesday, September 24, 2008
  3. Raise $150 or more in pledges by 5 pm PDT on Saturday, September 27, 2008
  4. All donations counting toward the awards must be received by 5 pm PDT September 29, 2008.

Athletes for a Cure, a program of the Prostate Cancer Foundation, is a fundraising and awareness program to assist individual athletes in their quest to raise money for better treatments and a cure for prostate cancer.

– Tracey

Update for Bragging Rights

I have meetings scheduled with the police and fire tomorrow. It seems they both have enough people to have a female and male team. Interest is high.  Bill and Mac, if you have any ins to the upper tier…now is the time. We are going to go with some time in September. Stay tuned. The Army and EMS are curious but uncommitted. We shall see.

Saturday June 7 08

Do a Wod you missed and or practice something you suck at.  Post to comments what you end up working on. The only stipulation is that it  cannot be  drinking beer in a kiddy pool. We have been going hard on the pull ups lately. Way to persevere! Coach would be proud.

Friday June 6 08

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:

15 Pull-ups
30 Push-ups
45 Squats

Does this make me an evil genius or just an A hole.  I think Bill mentioned something about more pull ups.  Enjoy.

Sunday June 1 08

Rest Day

I wonder if anyone else is feeling a little tenderized after the total. I know I am. Guess that’s what happens when you are competing against a bunch of youngsters. Awesome job everyone. Will be sending the numbers to Adam in Hamilton today.

Mac, let me know what your plan is this week so we can get you totaled up.

Friday May 30 08 CrossFit Total!


Dylon(with an o) seems to have found his way back. The boys a monster in waiting and with Austin and Steven  it should make for some fun times.  Congrats to Erika on three new Pr’s this morning.  175 #dead, 110B/S,and 60# shoulder press. Awesome stuff!

Albert, after much effort is now solidly at the 5 pull up mark. F%$#^*n way to go Al!

Veronica, a former co worker of Traceys  has settled in nicely. She is one of those people with a natural overhead squat. She is also fun as all get out and seems to like the kool aid.

See everyone tonight for the total. I’m excited, this is going to be a blast.

Mac, awesome job with Fran. Can’t wait to hear some stories.

CossFit Total:

Shoulder Press

Back Squat

Dead Lift

Three efforts at each to reach a max then add em up and there ya go.

New PRs!!!

Austin and Dylan both got 6 DUs in the WOD today

Dylan climbed the rope – hands only on monday

Austin made it today!

Erica has 3 new PRs after thursday’s skill day:  60# Shoulder Press, 110# Back Squat, and 175# Deadlift. Awesome work!

Lots more to come!

May 23 08

In all the excitement of getting Tracey back from her excursion west I forgot to make an announcement. Congratulations Tracey on your certification and welcome aboard as an official level one CrossFit trainer! The more the merrier. Mac will be joining the ranks soon.