Friday March 14 08


5 pull ups

10 push ups

15 squats

Each minute on the minute for 30 minutes.


9 thoughts on “Friday March 14 08

  1. so kelly and I have decided its shirtless male crossfitters day…
    so jamie you have to workout without your shirt on.. hahaha and if you are joining the workout.. you too mike!

  2. Although the prospect of shirtless males day is tempting, I think 14 minutes of that workout was just about enough for me 🙂 Good luck guys! Take pics!

  3. Morning group:

    Erika 5 rounds 14 squats-jumping pull ups, knee push ups, half squats.
    Sara: 14 rounds-JPU,KPU,HS

    Static hang:

    Erika 11.75 seconds,Sara 16:12.

    5 reps BS 65# half squat.

    Evening Group:

    Tracey: 8 rounds 8 squats (1 JPU, KPU)
    Kelly: 9+10 squats
    Les: 7
    Jamie: 17+14 squats
    Mike 19+13 squats

    Karate Class
    Blake 8 + 13 squats ( deadhang and negatives)
    Al 5 + 10 Push Ups (JPU)

    Group Hug!

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