Sunday March 30 09 Karate Tournament

Rest Day

Karate tournament in London.

How did we do, one might ask? Well:


Erika 1st place fighting(Shiai) , first place forms(Kata)

Albert 1st,2nd

Blake 3rd,1st

Les 1st

Kevin 2nd,1st

Tracey 1st,2nd


Haley 2nd place fighting(Shiai), 1st place forms(Kata)

Michael 1st,3rd

Tsuyoshi 2nd,2nd

Chris 1st,1st

Chad 1st,3rd

Santiago 1st,3rd

Colin 1st,2nd

Madeline 2nd,2nd

Gavin 1st,3rd

Mathew 1st,3rd

T.J 1st,3rd

Elsha ??

Not much more to say is there. CrossFit plus karate is good.

Congratulations to all of you. Each of you fought with spirit, focus and control. I am proud of the way you represented our club and yourselves. I think it is safe to say they now truly fear us.


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