Wednesday April 2 08

250 M row


Hollow Rock

Box Jumps

Wall Ball

K/B swings

Rower determines duration at each station. More people = more stations!

Evening Group :

Max Dead lifts

555 33 11


8 thoughts on “Wednesday April 2 08

  1. Row for calories,Hollow Rock,Box Jumps,Kettle Bell Swings

    Kelly- 83,122,87,78=370

    Tracey- 75,94,80,109=358

    Fraser- 95,145,111,122=473

    Mac- 112,94,122,107=435

    Erika- 73,19,79,135=306 K/B swings 11@25# balance at 15#

    K/B was 40#’s

    Great effort everyone! We shall see how the evening class matches up.

  2. Evening with Jamie and Sara:

    Got some nice numbers here

    Jamie 225 250 275 295 325×1 (Did not quite get the hip all the way open,) 325xF
    Sara 75 85 95 115 125 135 (same as above) 135F

    Congrats to Jamie on a new PR and to Sara who dead lifting for the first time.

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