Thursday April 3 08 W

Thursday we do Grace!

Clean and Jerk 135#

30 reps for time


10 thoughts on “Thursday April 3 08 W

  1. Wow, those deadlifts lastnight were a lot more treacherous than I thought…I’m going to need a rest day! See you guys Friday!

  2. It was good. We used this as a skill day so we scaled the weights down significantly to work on our technique.

    Kelly 55# 6:45
    Tracey 60# 10:16
    Fraser 65# 10:46

    Solid improvements all around.

    Erika and I worked on developing the clean. We started back with med balls then worked our way to the 35# bar. Good job

  3. Hey Sara – I’m in the same boat. My lower back isn’t as bad as I thought it’d be, but I’m feelin it. For me DOMS really sets in between 36 and 48 hours after though, so I’ve got something to look forward to – hopefully I’ll be able to get back out tomorrow 😉
    Deads tax the nervous system like no other. Last night I was seriously seeing stars between lifts. It’s crazy how a single lift can just totally floor me. I love it… retrospectively. At least there were no nose bleeds.

  4. Yeah Jamie, you took those 300-pounders like an absolute pro. No wonder you were seeing stars! I’m feeling it a lot today, not too bad in my lower back *except for when i try to do a squat :S* Hope to see ya’ out tomorrow!

  5. Mac did Grace on Saturday morning!

    30 clean and jerks 135#- 4:43

    then some deadlifts:
    3 x 225
    3 x 295
    1 x 345
    1 x 365
    1 x 385 F

    look out everyone…Macs a monster! Awesome lifts Mac, well done!

  6. Tracey is referring to the CrossFit total. It is the best of three efforts each at shoulder press, back squat and dead lift.

    You total the numbers up and voila CrossFit total

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