Monday April 7 08 G

4 rounds of:

Max effort pull ups.

50 squats

Max effort Hand stand. (wall, or free standing)

50 squats

Count number of pull ups and time. If you can’t do a handstand stand with bar overhead for max time.


8 thoughts on “Monday April 7 08 G

  1. Hey, I don’t think I’ll be able to come as I have an 8:30 exam and probably won’t make it to the bus on time. See you guys Tuesday!

  2. by the way – I’m gone on vacation this week so I won’t be out at all 😦
    have fun. I’ll be checking the website from time to time and I might try to get in a WOD or two at the hotel gym. 3, 2, 1, go!

  3. was a good workout … have to sit down the rest of the day I think …. my legs feel like they are 9 feet around! my chin ups sucked though

  4. Kelly : 2nd Christine effort. 17 40. Thats a 3:05 reduction from last time. D/L @ 150#

    Fraser Max effort weighted pull up:

    1×50(f) over head grip
    1×50 Chin up grip.

  5. according to the blog, last christine effort was on the 4th of march and my weight was 135#

    soooo… i need to drop another 3 minutes and pick up another 10# 😛

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