Wednesday April 9 08

Just a reminder that we will only be running an evening class tomorrow.

Cindy max rounds in 20 minutes of:

5 pull ups

10 push ups

15 squats


6 thoughts on “Wednesday April 9 08

  1. Hey Mike … just so you know, looks like the guys that were going to come with me tonight have pulled the pin … they are still interested in coming out sometime though!

  2. Ha ha Kelly. Fooled yourself, your legs feel great.

    Really great effort tonight. We really demonstrated tonight why we are the place to train in Guelph. Good volume level. Fraser. I am certain the parallets took it personally when you gave them the finger. Be careful, I think I heard them conspiring. Fraser,Sara, Kelly, and Mac good job!

    Good luck in the game tomorrow Mac!

    Mac 16 + 4 Pullups
    Fraser 15 + 8 Push ups
    Kelly 15 + 3 Squats ( assisted pull ups)
    Sara 14 (JPU)

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