Thursday April 10 08

15 10 5

Power Clean

Back Squat

Overhead Carry ( 15 M)

One Half bodyweight


6 thoughts on “Thursday April 10 08

  1. This really beat me up. my collar bone is all bruised and I have a ton of broken blood vessels on my thighs from the power cleans!

    As a sidenote, crossfit central held a total competition in Feb and the female winner came in at 484 lbs (220 kg). 🙂

  2. Hey guys – I joined the Crossfit San Francisco group today at their 6am class. Great group of people. After an interesting warm up exercise (a fireman carry race) and some practice work on dumbbell snatches, the WOD was:
    10 dumbbell snatches each arm
    30 push ups
    20 double unders
    20 pull ups
    3 rounds for time
    My time was 17:05, 40# dumbbell. It was good. Cold but good.
    peace out…
    – jamie

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