Wednesday April 16 08

Grace – revisited!

Clean and Jerk 135#

30 reps for time


Once around the building

30 box jumps

30 K/B swings

30 Push Ups

Once around the building

30 squats

30 pull ups

30 wall ball

Once around the building

30 ring dips

30 thrusters

30 vertical leaps

And when everyone is done. Everyone does a rope climb!


16 thoughts on “Wednesday April 16 08

  1. We upped our weights and decreased our times! Shows what a little work on cleans will do for you!!!

    Fraser 100# (up 35#) – 5 43
    Tracey 85# (up 25#) – 8 25

    Power cleans and split jerks!

    Fraser also got a 7.75s L sit on the parallets and climbed the rope with no legs! Go Fraser!

  2. hey……I might drop by and do tonights class as well…..depends on how early I get out of work. It’s a beautiful night and I have a bike desperate for a run plus I miss out on tomorrows workout.
    Any objections??

  3. Excellent efforts all around. Erika, Sara good to see you both again.

    Bill 24 32
    MAc 24 42
    Sarah 24 10
    Kelly 25 14
    Erika 27 16
    Jamie 27 10
    Albert 30 54

    If people could please let me know what scaling they did and the weights they worked at, I would appreciate it.

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