Monday April 21 08

5 Dead Hang Pull ups

Sprint 100 M with 60# bag

1 Rope climb

Max rounds 20 minutes


2 thoughts on “Monday April 21 08

  1. Tracey 6 rounds 5 pull ups
    Fraser Ask him about it.

    Kelly did Grace @95# 11 05.


    I went in and played with a Wod. 3 M/U’s 1 rope climb x 5.
    Well that ain’t happening! Managed 3 rounds then almost complete failure. 5:47. Need to add a rest period to this workout. Then did some handstands, 3 x 10 GHD sit ups and Back extensions, 10 95# back squats and finished myself off with a 500 m row. Had a P/R going until I came off the seat. 1 51. Solid night with the door open. Good Times

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