Friday April 23 08

For Time:

500 M run

50 Dumbell Snatches 25 per arm.

50 M overhead walk 95 #

50 Push Ups

500 M run

50 Supermans

50 L lifts

50 Hollow Rock

500M run

50 Jumping Squats

50 M Lunges

50 Box Jumps


11 thoughts on “Friday April 23 08

  1. For time, what? I have an idea…
    run to bar
    then 5 rounds of:
    pitcher snatch x2 each arm
    pint clean to mouth
    10x over-head squats w/ pool cues

  2. Uuuugh moving out has turned out to be a huge hassle. I won’t be able to make it tonight. I hope you guys have tons of fun, I’ll drop in some time when I get back from the Dominican!

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