Wednesday April 30 08

5 rounds of

135 pound thrusters max reps 15 sec

Rest 45 sec

50# Weighted Pull ups max reps 15 sec

Rest 45 sec

Max Burpees 15 sec


10 thoughts on “Wednesday April 30 08

  1. Come On Mac, suck it up ya big baby!

    Erika and I had the morning to ourselves and took the opportunity to knock off a whole slew of her beginning strength requirements. Way to go Erika.

  2. So here we go…
    Mac, wearing weighted vest 20# as RXed. 62
    Jamie 35 pounds 75
    Mathis 95 # Assisted pull ups, small band.

    Smokin Guys. Good Work.

    Remember to drive those hips Mac and to let your body bounce in the burpee Mathis.

  3. I really liked this wod. The 45 seconds rest is long enough to recover enough that you can push hard through the next step. The only times our numbers weren’t consistent between rounds was when we dropped the dumbbell or whacked ourselves in the face with the bar or screwed up technique. Next time – dumbbell between the thighs – might have been able to kip a little then.

  4. I have the breakdown of reps per exercise, I will post them later. Yeah Jamie the scores were remarkably consistent failing a breakdown. Strong efforts all the way around.

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