Wednesday May 7 08

7 pull ups

7 thrusters 95#

7 ring dips

7 burpees.

5 rounds for time.


11 thoughts on “Wednesday May 7 08

  1. I thought this was funny so I thought I’d share…
    at my work training today at head office we did this “get to know eachother” game…. two truths and a lie. So each person had to write 2 things that were true about themselves and 1 lie and then everyone had to guess what the lie was. My 3 things were:
    I’m a orange belt in karate (lie .. I’m a yellow belt)
    I can do 20 pull ups and
    I can deadlift 225
    I think everyone assumed the deadlift was a lie because there was a lot of noise when I said that one was true. The guy beside me who apparently is a trainer as well said “whoa thats like two 45# plates on each side… thats impressive”

    Wee I’m impressive!

  2. Darn Jamie, I knew there was something nagging at me. The total event has been switched to the 31 st of May. I know Tracey would like to be there. If the 31 st works for everyone, we will switch along with Adam and the boys in Hamilton. If the switch makes things complicated we will still do it this Saturday. My thoughts are wait until the 31st.

  3. Results from todays WOD.

    Jamie 11 29 as rxed.
    Mac 10:25 as rxed.
    Fraser 15:27 as rxed
    Erika 16:25 35#thruster, box dips, assisted pull ups.

    Also, Steven was in for his first real class! He did 10 thrusters(stick) 10 burpees, and 10 box dips. 3 rounds.Well done in 7:01

  4. This workout was a killer – it felt like Fran but twice as long. I refuse to believe that anyone able to do this in under 7 mins is human.

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