Tuesday May 13 08

Mercy Baby

3 rounds of:

15 Burpees

15 kb swings

400M run


11 thoughts on “Tuesday May 13 08

  1. So a small change in the plans.We ended up doing 4 rounds of 150M row, Skipping, Wall Ball, and Goblet squats. Finished the workout with 10 burpees and a 200 M run. Good work Albert, Fraser, Kelly and Erika.

  2. See the 2:05 Fran on crossfit main page?!? Umm…. Wicked.
    That pull-up style is super sweet. Gotta try those next class.

  3. Nice one Mac, guess we won’t be dusting that one off for tomorrow. We switched the WODS this this morning cause Kelly has an injured foot and did not want to stress it running.

  4. At CrossFit Central Did:
    400m run
    Squat Cleans
    400m run
    My time was 17:19
    I’m about 0.5km from Santa Cruz North now… wee!
    I met Annie and Rob Miller this morning… this trip is so surreal

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