Wednseday May 14 08

It just became clear to me…this ones for you Jamie

21 x 75# snatch

run 200m

21 x 75# SDHP

run 200m

21 x 75# Thrusters

run 200m


12 thoughts on “Wednseday May 14 08

  1. Thanks Mike… I guess?!

    Hey – if any of you Rebel Fitness folk aren’t busy on Saturday, I’m having a little birthday BBQ at my house. Drop by for a burger and beverage after 3pm if you’re up for it.

  2. Oh… just thought I`d post here too… Had my training session with Eva yesterday… did snatches..
    My max was 73# then she made me overhead squat it.. thats a pr too.
    I have a feeling I’ll be doing a lot more PRs soon.
    Tomorrow I’m going to CrossFit Santa Cruz North… hung out there a bit today and met Brendan 🙂 Then its back to One World!

  3. Fraser 11:05 We subbed single arm snatches @ 30# 21 each arm.
    Kelly 13:44 Kelly still has an injured foot so we subbed a 200M row. 55# SDHP and Thrusters and 25# single arm snatches.

    Nice work. They both thought it was more metabolic then anything else. We shall see how the afternoon group does.

    Great job this morning guys.

  4. thanks for the invite Jamie…….but I got a deck to put in. Have fun with this one tonight! the run at the end sucks…….well it did for me.

  5. No worries Fraser. Thanks for the warning on the run – it did suck.

    Mac – I was sure I had you after the snatches. I went into the first 200 feeling pretty good and then all of the sudden you were right behind me. Doh… One of these days bro…

  6. Evening:

    Mac 8:02 as rxed. The man is a monster!
    Jamie 8:37 The man is becoming a monster!

    Great competition here.

    Les 13:35 35# ds (21 per hand) 45# sdhp, thrusters. Way to go!

    Steven, welcome to the family.

    Dowel Wod

    15 F/S
    15 SDHP
    15 Thrust ers
    200M run- The boy is quick.

    x2 6:43

  7. jamie – just wait until some workout come up like 21-15-9 D/L,HSPU, Lsit …..
    Mac 1 hr48minutes Jamie 9minutes6seconds HAHAH

    Mike … sorry for yelling at that dude who came to the door … not my place … but I have had past experiences with him …

  8. Mac. All good! I should have been firmer myself.

    That sounds like a good WOD Mac. How about next wed. 21 15 9 D/L 225, HSPU, L sit for time.

    I like it. Next Wednesday Baby!! Will call it the “Equalizer”

  9. sorry I meant DU not DL I can do the DL thing DU I will have to do one at a time hahah mean while jamie did 58 last night??

  10. Haha… Yes, well don’t sell yourself too short there Mac – you’re handstands are close dude.

    Mike – I likely won’t be in this Friday and for sure not next Wednesday.

  11. Ok Mac in keeping with the spirit of things we shall change the D/L’s to D/U’s.

    Jamie, thanks for the heads up.

    If I don’t get to your place on Saturday, which I likely won’t due to family obligations have a
    great time and Happy Birthday.

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