Saturday May 17 08

Rest, Skills, Beer?! Happy Long Week End Every One! See you starting again Tuesday.

CONGRATULATIONS to Tracey who tied for first place in the womans as Rxed division at CrossFit One World. Tie breaker is:

Bear Complex:

Perform “The Bear Complex” to failure. Men will use 115#, women will use 75#. You may only “tap and go” on the ground. Each sequence must be completed within 45 seconds. A sequence of The Bear Complex is as follows- Power clean to a front squat to overhead to a back squat to overhead. You may rest the bar anywhere but on the ground.



3 thoughts on “Saturday May 17 08

  1. So day 1 crossfit level 1 cert.. did fran
    First time Rx’d.. they had a 10 minute cap on it.. and I finished RIGHT before time ran out.. don’t know my exact time but it had to have been within 10 seconds of 10 minutes. Now that I’m up to Rx’d just gotta bring that time down! I had Jolie encouraging me a lot of the way… so awesome. Looking forward to tomorrow. I’m learning so much out here… I may have ripped my hands open a little.. whooops!

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