Friday May 30 08 CrossFit Total!


Dylon(with an o) seems to have found his way back. The boys a monster in waiting and with Austin and Steven  it should make for some fun times.  Congrats to Erika on three new Pr’s this morning.  175 #dead, 110B/S,and 60# shoulder press. Awesome stuff!

Albert, after much effort is now solidly at the 5 pull up mark. F%$#^*n way to go Al!

Veronica, a former co worker of Traceys  has settled in nicely. She is one of those people with a natural overhead squat. She is also fun as all get out and seems to like the kool aid.

See everyone tonight for the total. I’m excited, this is going to be a blast.

Mac, awesome job with Fran. Can’t wait to hear some stories.

CossFit Total:

Shoulder Press

Back Squat

Dead Lift

Three efforts at each to reach a max then add em up and there ya go.


8 thoughts on “Friday May 30 08 CrossFit Total!

  1. On my way back right now. Should be in guelph by noon friday
    And i am broken promise after broken promise …. The tshirts were sold out except for one large and a few xl’s’… So i bought the large sp if mike or tracey do not want it bill it is all yours ….

  2. Back Squat – Shoulder Press – Deadlift – Total
    Kelly -180-185pr-195PR -80-90F-85- 225-235pr-245PR – 525
    Erica -105-115pr-125PR -60-65-70F -175-195pr-205PR – 395
    Austin -110pr-125pr-150PR -65-75-80F- 180-200-220F – 425
    Fraser -175-185F-185PR -130-135F-135F -345-355pr-365PR – 680
    Jamie -250-285pr-300PR -125-140pr-150PR -300-320-350PR – 800
    Tracey – 155-165F-165 – 70-75-80F – 225-230pr-235PR – 475
    Mike – 225-235-250PR – 130F-130F-125 – 300-315pr-325PR – 700
    Bill – 275-315PR-335F – 155-175PR-180F – 365pr-385pr-410PR – 900
    Haley – 60pr-85pr0-105PR – 45PR-50F-50F – 125-135PR-140F – 285
    Colin – 35pr-40pr-55PR – 45-45-X – 95-115PR-125F – 215
    Albert – 135-185pr-225PR – 95F-90F-85PR – 225-275PR-300F – 585

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