Monday June 2 08

Four rounds of:

  • 400 m sprint
  • 21 thrusters 95/65
  • 12 pull-ups

9 thoughts on “Monday June 2 08

  1. Hey Mac,
    I will take that Large shirt as I believe Mike does not want it. Let me know how much I owe. Are you there Mon or Wed? Thanks

  2. I should be there on Wednesday …. $10

    BTW, send me a quick email so I have your email address as well …. mine is macdonald_ca (at)

  3. Fraser: 10@95, rest @ 75 –
    1st round 6:06, 2nd round 18:14, 3rd round 23:36, 4th round 32:04

    Austin: 21@ 55 rest@45 32:37
    Awesome effort! I think thrusters are Austin’s new favorite thing!!

    Dylon did the total today:
    Back Squat – Shoulder Press – Deadlift
    225-245F-245F – 115-125PR-135F -245-275-300PR – 650
    Another member in the 300 deadlift club!

  4. Austin, No truer words were ever spoken. Good job with the Wod. Awesome job on the total Dylon. Just remember that I’m an old guy. Within two months if your not beating me I’m going to kick your ass. ( while I still can)

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