Tuesday June 3 08

Hang Power Snatch 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps


9 thoughts on “Tuesday June 3 08

  1. did this one …
    should have dropped a bit of weight Was getting it up there but was not getting it clean …. my arms were a bit bent at the time I was hitting and sticking (not doing split)

  2. Nice one Mac. Thats a good bit of weight so far.

    From this morning. As Erica is new to this exercise and Fraser, like myself have some flexibility issues we treated this morning as a skill day. The weights were kept low to focus on technique.

    Good job Tracey!

  3. Nice Mac! I could of muscled up 75# for sure….but worked heavy on form…..felt a WHOLE lot more comfortable today with the snatch than before…..thanks Tracey!!

  4. Tried this today
    45-95-95-95-115-115-135-135-135-135. I found the same thing as Mac with my arms. Still need to practice the form as I am sure there is much room to improve in that area.

  5. Hey Bill!
    You gonna be around tomorrow night? I have a bunch of questions I would love to ask ya if you got the time!

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