Wednesday June 4 08


5 Pull ups  10 Push Ups  15 Squats

On the minute every minute for 30 minutes.


10 thoughts on “Wednesday June 4 08

  1. Weldright I think. I seem to have misplaced the bill. Will find it and double check the name. I got your e mail, lots of good stuff suggestions. I will be there by 5 was going to do the Hang Snatch Wod from yesterday. If you can get in a little early that would be good as it is going to be a full house tonight.

  2. awesome just called them they seem good

    by the way … if you get this in the next little bit can you give me a quick call …. thx

  3. Great Turnou last night.Luke and Nathan hope you enjoyed yourselves. Hope to see you again.

    Rounds completed of Chelsea
    Fraser 9
    Jamie 16
    Bill 16
    Dylon 8
    Austin 10
    Nathan 6
    Luke 8

    There were some jumping pull ups in the mix. Awesome evening, great work all around

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