Friday June 6 08

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:

15 Pull-ups
30 Push-ups
45 Squats

Does this make me an evil genius or just an A hole.  I think Bill mentioned something about more pull ups.  Enjoy.


19 thoughts on “Friday June 6 08

  1. wow was it humid this morning …. all that moisture/water on the ground is going to make bill feel right at home! haha

  2. hey mike … how is this for having young ’29-30 year olds’ kicking you ass ….. posted on HQ site …. I think I woud ike to see a video before I beieved it …

    45 yo M

    9 rounds + 15 pullops 30 pushups 25 squats

    just missed my goal of 10 rounds.
    This was a lot harder than Cindy which I usually get 24-25 rounds.
    Pull ups were the hardest for me, but did them all with strict form. Made 4 rounds before having to break them into smaller sets.

    Comment #736 – Posted by: Chason at June 6, 2008 4:34 AM

  3. Dam that guy is a monster!

    Fraser 5 rounds 6 pull ups
    Mac 5 rounds 14 pull ups

    Welcome Matt to the family. He did Cindy and finished at 8 rounds.

    Great job guys. It was a little hot and slippy in the gym today, good for real world experience. I hope I get the opportunity to do this one today, under the same conditions as you guys. Great effort.

    Tracey, Kelly and Erica…you missed out this morning.

  4. Good find Bill. We may have to reinforce the pull ups bars a little. So with these two and Mac his team is pretty much set. Wait there are no weight restrictions. HHmmm Donuts!

  5. I think I’m out on this WOD. I’m seriously having difficulty walking today, with all the squats on Wednesday. Yesterday was ok, but today I’m having trouble taking the stairs to the second floor at work. I haven’t felt this kind of muscle soreness in a while. I don’t want to make things worse. You guys enjoy.

  6. see that’s why I bowed out on the 9th round on Wednesday so I could be in good shape for this WOD today……see it’s all strategy!! I’m a thinker!

  7. Depending on when I get into Guelph, I might come in for encouragement purposes, but I’m definitely taking a recovery day. Head to toe, I’m feeling pretty lousy. If I don’t make it, have a good weekend.

  8. First off. Wicked job all!

    Seriously hot in there today!


    Bill 5+9 Pull ups
    Austin 4+5 Pull ups
    Tracey 3+33 Squats
    Dylon 4+3 pull UPS

    Silas and Zach joined us and did a wack of squats. Front, back, air, OHS, and thrusters, We finished off with a Mini Wod of 5 Back squats 45# and 5 Thrusters 45# 3 rounds. Silus 1:41, Zach 1:48.

    Congratulations to Austin. The boy can skip! he has gone from 0 to 2 to 32. Way to go!

  9. haha ur one off on each person
    bill got 6
    austin got 5
    tracey got 4
    and i got 5
    i remembered i got 78 pull ups and bill got a totoal of 99

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