Saturday June 7 08

Do a Wod you missed and or practice something you suck at.  Post to comments what you end up working on. The only stipulation is that it  cannot be  drinking beer in a kiddy pool. We have been going hard on the pull ups lately. Way to persevere! Coach would be proud.


4 thoughts on “Saturday June 7 08

  1. ok……..ran 4K 20# vest. Didn’t time myself again. Taking sunday off.I have an early appointment tomorrow mornin so i’ll be in for the evening class. I’ll probably run stairs in the morning.

  2. Good job Fraser. I did 80 pull ups at the park between playing ball with the boy. On My 80th pull up a callus decided to leave my hand. I took some pics. Glad to have finally joined the capped callus gang. LOL

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