Update for Bragging Rights

I have meetings scheduled with the police and fire tomorrow. It seems they both have enough people to have a female and male team. Interest is high.  Bill and Mac, if you have any ins to the upper tier…now is the time. We are going to go with some time in September. Stay tuned. The Army and EMS are curious but uncommitted. We shall see.


8 thoughts on “Update for Bragging Rights

  1. 1. MEDIA RELEASE – Nichole (my wife who works in the public consultation industry) is away for a few days but when she returns I will have her working on the letter that you sent me. If you have made revisions since then please send me the updated version.

    2. POSTER – We should work on a poster of some sorts. Even if only for electronic distribution.

    3. MILITARY – I will contact the Military if you want. I know who to contact in order to have it a paid event (meaning the troops will be paid to be there) They will not be able to commit until the new training calender comes out (in the next month or two). I will know when this is out because I will get it at the same time.

    4. OTHER MILITARY – If you want to extend it out to other military units in the area I am sure my KW unit will attend.

    5. UPPER TIER – what do you mean by talking to the upper tier? Are you wanting us to pull from Brampton/Mississauga Fire/Police?


  2. #5 I was thinking in terms of getting to some people who might have insights to media coverage and sponsorship connections. I’ll be a lot more informed after meetings tomorrow.

  3. you should ask Guelph PD if they have a crimestoppers department or victim services ….. in Peel they are the guys who normally have the connections for the sponsorship/donations

  4. Mike,  upper tier connections.  I have limited contacts in Guelph.  Much more in Brampton and Oakville.  Give me a call on my cell once you get this as we can discuss a few things over the phone.  I am on my way to work now so leave me your number if I miss your call. 519-993-4555

  5. Mac, really well. Douglas (police) was all over it. He figures it’s a go. Radio, newspaper etc. He trains the Storm, was even talking about getting them out to do autographs, Gatorade as a sponsor came up. It seems to have legs. He was going to kick it upstairs and let me know in a day or so. A little more subdued in the Fire house but same result. Both forces figure they can field a team of men and woman. Tentative date of Sept 6th

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