Wednesday June 11 08

For Time:

50 pull ups

50 squats

50 push ups

5 x 50 m sprint

50 kb swings

50 lunges

50 ring dips


10 thoughts on “Wednesday June 11 08

  1. Hey everyone
    While checking out the main Crossfit site I found the link to Crossfit Endurance The site is meant to be used along with the WOD’s. There is a lot of great ideas and info here. Maybe some people have pool access or bike or treadmills, if not run outside. I think it would be a great addition to the WOD’s some days, as if they are not hard enough already, or be done seperately. I am sure some of you already know about this but for all those that don’t, enjoy.

  2. Did todays WOD at the gym , substituted 5×50 sprints for 1 500m sprint and did 50 weighted dips 25lbs. Did not time due some maneuvering around the gym. After did the WOD from Crossfit Endurance (C2 Rower: 3 rounds of 125m, rest 125 time, 250m, rest 250 time, 500m, rest 500 time). I almost threw up it was really hard. Used 30 sec rest time for first round and 45 sec rest for last two rounds. Very very tiring, try it out.

  3. Freakin crazy Bill. The WOD itself tuckered me out…..but adding in a bunch of rows as well….crazy…..gotta try it!

  4. Ok the numbers are all in.


    Joanne 15:10
    Lance 16:29
    Austin 17:07
    Jamie 18:01
    Zach 15:53
    Steven 15:49
    Sila 14:17
    Tracey 18:02

    Nice work everyone. See ya’ll on Friday. Oh and if you could let me know what weights you wee using in the KB swing that would be great.


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