Thursday June 12 08

Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5 reps

Go Heavy Baby!


4 thoughts on “Thursday June 12 08

  1. Anyone interested in doing the CF endurance WOD tonight (Run: Sprint/Recover, 10sec/60sec, 10sec/50sec, 10sec/40sec, 10sec/30sec, 10sec/20sec, 10sec/10sec, 10sec/20sec, 10sec/30sec, 10sec/40sec, 10sec/50sec, 10sec/50sec, 10sec) I figure sometime around 5 or 6 tonight at the track near Victoria and Grange. Let me know

  2. i might be in for that …. just did the HQ WOD


    7x for time
    10 pistols
    12 dips
    15 pull ups

    Bill, I will send you a text message with my phone number …

  3. Mac and I did the sprint/recover workout. Definitely tough during the middle rounds with the limited rest. We used 100 metre distance at full out sprints instead of 10 sec sprints but kept the rest periods as Rx’d. The 100m was actually longer so it made for a harder workout than the 10 sec sprints. I think we really pushed each other so it worked out well.
    Also earlier did the WOD squats 5 reps 225-225-255-255-265

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