Friday June 13 08

HHmmm something ominous about Friday the 13th. It will be a team concept workout.

Ok, here we go

2 teams of 5:

Bill                               Mac

Fraser                         Jamie

Austin                         Dylon

Zack                            Silus

Steven                        Erika

Each team can have two members working at once. The next challenge may begin as soon as someone finishes. Each team will complete 20 0f 22 challenges with each member being responsible for 4. Each team will be allowed two substitutions ( if a person gases another team member may jump in and finish the challenge)

The challenges are:

D/U’s x 100                                                                  75 # thrusters x 35

Pull Ups x 100                                                             75 # Push press/jerk x 35

Push ups x 100                                                            75 x OHS

135# clean and jerk x 30                                           Back squat 95# x 25

95# Power snatch x 30                                             40# K/B swings x 50

5 x 50 M sprint with heavy bag ( 65#)                   1000 M Row

Wall ball x 75 20/14                                                 3 M/U’s

GHD Sit ups x 50                                                      Ring Dips x 30

GHD Back extensions x 50                                      Box jumps x 100

Lunges x 200 M                                                        75 Burpies

100 Squats                                                                  3 Rope climbs


8 thoughts on “Friday June 13 08

  1. Nice.
    I’m still hacking a lung a bit, but I plan on making it out tonight. Looking forward to seeing the WOD details.

  2. Well our first team workout seemed to go well. From the outside it looked like it had all the intensity of a Wod and I hope it served to do a little team building as well. Thanks all for coming and good on you Jesse for jumping in. Welcome to our world.

    Bill’s side was declared the winner and walked off with the prize of 6 good beers while Mac’s side came in second and walked away with a 6 pack of lucky.

    Good day, good fun, great effort from everyone.

    I will post the times later today.

  3. Just want to say that this was loads of fun. Probably should have planned a sub during one of the longer challenges, like push-ups. Next time maybe.

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