Thursday June 19 08

21-15- and 9 rep rounds of:

95 pound Deadlift
95 pound Hang power clean
95 pound Front squat
95 pound Push jerk

Congratulations to Dylon. 1st Muscle up in the books. We will film it, post it on our site  and submit it to CrossFit headquarters for the trophy case. Way to go! I’m sorry I wasn’t there to see it. You can show me on Friday.

Great efforts everyone!


16 thoughts on “Thursday June 19 08

  1. Way to go Dylon! For first time muscle-ups, they were solid.
    Austin – you’ll have them in no time too.
    (so will you, Tracey)

  2. Yeah, Fraser, you too will definitely have them soon too – that goes without saying.
    I only pointed out Austin because now that Dylon has them, he’s on a mission. And now that Dylon has them and Austin is on a mission, I think Tracey is as well – at least it seemed that way last night.

  3. Oh man I forgot, Albert and Les and the other Erica. One innocent,supportive and encouraging post and he is going to take a beating for it. Bah ha ha. What a great bunch we have!

  4. Ok then, we can scale it a little. I have 10 in the books on video so I will disqualify myself for now. Shall we say three in a row for Dylon and 5 for you? Then from there it will be a race to 10 for both of you? We can discuss it some more tonight.

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