Thursday June 26th 08

Happy Birthday Michael!

In celebration of Mike’s birthday Fraser has put together this little WOD:

40 squats
40 Bench press (95#/65#)
40 ringdips
then 5 minutes rest.
4K run, he gets to do it with a 40# vest.


19 thoughts on “Thursday June 26th 08

  1. Thanks Mac.

    So it was Frasers turn to administer a WOD. Honestly, I was a little apprehensive about this one. The run took 16 something and the ring dips took another 3 and a bit. Did not time the squats and will have to finish the bench press off tonight as time management was an issue. Thanks again Fraser that was awesome.!! We have some pics which I will post ASAP. Have a great day all!

  2. everyone see the 2:02 fran on the hq site?? it is funny every second post is ripping him. although impressive amount of work, the chin height is questionable and the side view shows him not putting the bar over his head, it is clearly in front of his shoulders for all 45 reps ….

    a lot of talk on the site about strict/kipping/butterfly pull ups

  3. Happy Birthday Mike,
    Good run especially with the extra weight.

    Mac, I agree. There should almost be some sort of referee, bc some of the pullups were questionable. For us everyday crossfitters I would say no big deal if we did Fran like this bc the times are more for a personal achievement whereas they are considering this a record. I think you have to draw the line somewhere bc the standard will keep being lowered.

  4. PS I just saw the video.. What the hell were those pull ups during the second round? They were so brutal! I don’t mean to be one of those guys that rips him, but this is on our discussion board, and I don’t think he’ll ever read this. Bill you have a point, if it’s for time then a standard has to be set.

  5. I don’t mind the butterfly pullups (when done with full motion) ….. but it is funny that these guys are comparing their old times to new sub 3 times with changing of technique only … to look at the whole picture an athlete total fitness has not improved, just their fran time …. if they increased their work capacity for only one exercise then I think they are losing sight of the big picture ….. general fitness through increased work capacity

    I agree austin …. I dont want to rip on him … as I can not do that ugly form or not …. it is impressive he didn’t even seem gassed at the end!

  6. to me it is like doing a push press instead of the strict press in the CF total …. people are saying the butterfly is the same amount of work (FxD) being done …. but it is just a faster way of doing it …. for that argument why don’t they do a PP in the total instead if the SP?? it would be fine to do that for the total … as long as A) everyone did it (standard) and/or B) you did it everytime

  7. I like ’em. Anything that increases the amount of work you can do (because I believe the work is the same whether your kipping or doing the butterfly) PROPERLY in a shorter amount of time is totally appropriate. Now that being said that dude off the main site did not do all the work prescribed but he did work pretty damn hard.

  8. Happy b-day coach! You certainly looked gassed in the pics. Impressive time on the run.
    I haven’t seen the video, but I agree with Fraser. Keep in mind too that rules surrounding the total are more specific and are essentially measuring strength, not necessarily work.

  9. agreed (sort of) … it all comes down to work the total is strict to be able to compare the work done with others … which is what is being done with fran

    i agree that anything that makes you do the same work in a faster time can only be a good thing

  10. Well, I suppose I’ll chime in as well.
    1. I cannot do the butterfly kipping pull yet therefore I cannot judge its efficacy. I have seen Tracey knock out 10 or so and to me they are as real as can be. Provided the requirement of getting the chin over the bar is met I see no issue with them whatsoever.
    2. There were certainly times when his pull ups did not meet the requirements. Coach might suggest that at maximal efforts form WILL necessarily suffer.
    3. Before we beat this dude up let’s bear in mind that he moved a 95 pound weight over (yes he was in the forward plane) his head the prescribed amount of times and pulled his body to a pull up (seemed a little short to me) the prescribed amount of times. Was it pretty? Hell no. Were some reps short,yes.
    4.I know for myself that at the outer limits of my performance my technique suffers. I also know that the same thing happens to us all. I believe we should make every effort to perform full ROM but let’s cut the man some slack. 2:02 is still 2:02. Is there really much merit in discussing the validity of his effort by breaking it into its parts? If you take a picture of any one of us in the middle of a WOD there is a very good chance that at that moment our form will look shakey.
    Let’s celebrate the effort we all know that WOD required and continue to work towards perfecting our form. The better our form is the longer and more efficiently we will be able to perform at high levels.
    One last thought. Would it be reasonable to assume that had he done it 28 seconds slower and managed 2:30 his form would have been solid. My guess is yes. First one of us to hit Fran in 2:30 I’ll but you a case of beer.
    In keeping with this discussion we shall make Friday a strict day! I will hold everyone to the same level I was held at when I did my cert. Full range of motion or it does not count.

  11. Happy day Mike.

    Personally I like the butterfly kips, assuming their done properly.. I’m off to watch the vid now.

    I assume their a class tomorrow night? I need to get these legs moving again so I can finally stop feeling the pain from tabata squats from monday!

  12. I don’t think anyone means to rip the guy. obviously its an incredible accomplishment. I don’t think anyone from rebel proposes they can do that time. I know my form surely goes downhill as I tire. hey at least everyone is so into crossfit. no other gyms have this loyal following

  13. I agree Bill. The passion is amazing. Sorry guys, my post was in part a commentary on the front page comments, more so then a suggestion that we are ripping him. I just finished reading a whole lot of the comments before I wrote my two cents worth.

  14. It does bring up the question of how to “police” the standards for measuring accomplishment as innovations in technique seem to go hand in hand with training.

  15. I don’t know too much about butterfly kips, but I like what someone wrote about them on the HQ site. It’s too late now to go back and find his post through all of the new ones… Okay, nevermind, I went through the comments and found it :). He said: “I think it is a good movement to add in addition to the regular kip, but not replace it! Do most of your workouts with the regular kip (thump your chest on the bar). Then when you really want to kill it on a workout, bust out the butterfly kip”. I think his idea sounds pretty solid, but again, I don’t know much.

  16. Did CFE wod today
    5 km on C2 rower 20:48.
    Also did 15,14,13…3,2,1 dips (parallel bars) then tried 1,2,3…15 pushups but had to stop at 11, arms would not work any more

  17. Happy birthday Mike!!
    Sorry I couldn’t be around, I can’t wait until September! Also, do my eyes deceive me? Did you change the price for students!? Fantastic!!
    I miss you guys!

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