It is almost 6 months since I started Crossfit and I can’t believe how much has changed.  In July I was over 200 lbs, had a 38″ waist, a sore back, knees, feet and really had to struggle to do 1 pull up.  I decided to try Crossfit after my 50th birthday and after trying all the traditional gym memberships, trainers, etc.

Coming into the Christmas season I weigh 185, have a size 34 waist and my body fat % has dropped 7%. I’m dead lifting 290#, bench pressing 195#, pullups are a breeze, and haven’t even thought of my back for months.

The most important difference however is the fact that I can’t wait to get to my next Crossfit workout.  I love the people, the atmosphere, the challenge and the results.

Thanks for your guidance and encouragement.

Rob Bryson
Vice President, P&H Grain Group
Guelph, Ontario